Gas & Wood Fireplace Sweeping in Chicagoland

Fireplace (Wood): A wood-burning stove or fireplace requires special attention. When wood is burned, it expels a substance called creosote. As the smoke from a fire makes its way up through your chimney and out of your home, creosote adheres to the sides of your flue. This is important because creosote is flammable. One spark from a fire, floating up into your chimney, can ignite this creosote and cause a chimney fire. This makes creosote a danger to your home and your family.

This danger can be alleviated through the regular sweeping of your chimney. Creosote, in its soft, brushable form, can be removed during a standard cleaning by our certified chimney technicians. However, if your chimney has been neglected, the creosote may harden, becoming “glazed.” Glazed creosote cannot be removed during a standard cleaning, as it is not brushable. It therefore requires a more extensive mechanical cleaning called “roto cleaning.”

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, you should have your chimney inspected annually and swept when needed. We recommend sweeping after approximately 50 fires or after a face cord of wood is burned.

Man cleaning chimney

Fireplace (Gas): Gas-burning fireplaces also require sweeping, but they do not require them as often as their wood-burning counterparts, as they do not expel creosote. Instead, gas-burning fireplaces expel carbon, a black, cotton-like substance. This material will continue to build up every time you burn a fire. Eventually, it will begin falling down into your fireplace itself. Your gas-burning fireplace also contains sand, glowing embers, and vermiculite, which help to make it more beautiful and realistic. Continued use of your fireplace will cause them to lose their appeal and, over time, they will need to be replaced. Replacement of this material and brushing and resetting of the logs is completed in our refurbishing process.

There is no set number of fires that needs to be reached before your gas-burning fireplace is due for a cleaning or refurbishing. Once again, the Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends that you should have your gas fireplace inspected annually and swept when needed.

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