Get a Fireplace Damper for Your Chicagoland Home

Fireplaces are a must-have during wintertime in Chicago, IL, but if you have an outdated or broken damper, it might be costing you money throughout the entire year.

There’s good reason why area homes need updated fireplace dampers. Chicago, IL homes—especially older homes—face unintended heat loss from traditional fireplace dampers. What’s more, a leaky damper can bring hot air in during the summer as well.

Your old, cast-iron damper operates as a valve, closing off or opening the fireplace’s “throat” just below the flue. As dampers age, they leak. The problem gets worse as the damper rusts. Additionally, a traditional damper doesn’t seal correctly—it has no rubber gasket.

Before you know it, your energy bill climbs higher than ever, and you might not realize your damper is to blame.

Money signs escaping from red chimney and house

Lock-Top Dampers Just Work Better

Thanks to efficient new damper designs, you can solve your energy problems and keep an airtight seal when your fireplace isn’t in use. Early Times Home Solutions installs lock-top dampers that seal via rubber gaskets. No more metal-on-metal connections to worry about.

This means you can say goodbye to heat or A/C losses through your chimney. Lock-top dampers also keep out moisture and curious animals. And, since modern dampers fit at the top of the flue, you can close your chimney in the most sensible location.

chimney lock dampers

We install the following dampers:

  • Lyemance model: Eliminate 90 percent of energy loss, troublesome downdrafts, and moisture intrusion with the tight seal of a Lyemance damper. It also keeps pests out of your chimney.
  • Spider model: If you need a recessed damper that’s an unobtrusive match for your architecture, choose a Spider damper. Its stainless steel build resists chimney fires and stays strong during many years of use.

Make an appointment with Early Times for better energy efficiency. We have the fireplace dampers Chicago, IL homeowners need. Call 877.737.6600 today.

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