Early Times Home Solutions Provides You With a New Chimney Liner in Chicagoland

As chimneys age, the chimney liner can deteriorate causing a very serious fire hazard. Early Times Home solutions installs either aluminum chimney liners for natural gas applications as well as stainless steel chimney liners, providing the home owner with years of worry-free comfort for your family.

The flue is an extraordinarily important part of your chimney structure. It is the passageway through which smoke and/or gases travel to exit the chimney. Clay flue tiles have been widely used in masonry chimneys for almost 100 years. Typically, when a clay liner needs to be replaced, the preferred material used is stainless steel.

Cracked chimney liner; water-damaged chimney liner

Water Heater, Furnace, and Boiler Liners
When older furnaces, water heaters, or boilers are replaced a new liner is often required. The new liner has to be properly sized for the appliance to prevent condensation of gasses which would ultimately result in deterioration of the existing flue liner.

Oil Appliances
Oil burning appliances are typically found in older homes. The residue left behind, after the burning of this fuel, remains in the system. When it comes in contact with moisture, a corrosive acid forms. The acid attacks and breaks down flue tiles and mortar joints. This results in the need for a new liner.

Fireplace Liners
A stainless steel liner is recommended when the chimney is unlined, the existing flue tiles have deteriorated, or the chimney has suffered a lighting strike or chimney fire. An intact liner is required to contain the smoke and gases produced by the fireplace. A chimney fire can occur when a spark from your fireplace ignites creosote in the flue liner. The clay liner cannot withstand the intensity of the heat, and the tiles may fracture. When this occurs, the flames are able to escape into other parts of your home. A correctly sized and intact liner enables the smoke and gases to exit the chimney and prevents the likelihood of a chimney fire.

Every fireplace and furnace flue needs an intact liner. Whether your home is older and built before liners were required by building codes, or the liner was improperly constructed, damaged, or inappropriately sized, a correctly sized intact liner is your best protection to maintain a barrier between the smoke and/or gases in the chimney and the rest of your home.

A stainless steel chimney liner is specially designed to withstand temperatures up to 2100°F (a temperature which could fracture clay tiles). Early Times offers a stainless steel liner that is impervious to rain and water damage. They are not porous, so they will not absorb creosote. Our liner also comes with a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion.

Let Early Times Home Solutions install the chimney liner you need and complete various other chimney services for you in the Chicagoland area. Call us today for your chimney liner installation.

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