Start Saving Money by Upgrading Your Attic Insulation in Chicagoland

Attic Insulation

Insulating your attic is the most effective way to improve the efficiency of your home. Heating in the winter time and cooling during the summer time becomes easier for your heating/cooling system. On average, a Chicagoland homeowner can average 20% to 40% savings on their energy bill by adding blow in insulation or radiant insulation in the attic of their homes.

About Attic Insulation

From time to time, our clients in Chicago, Arlington Heights, or elsewhere ask about the principles involved in heat transfer and attic insulation. Heat flows naturally from warmer areas to cooler ones. It does this by one of three different methods: conduction, where heat is delivered directly from one mass to another; convection, the transfer of hot air from one space to another (hot air rises, cool air sinks); and radiation, which simply means that any warm mass passes off heat toward a cooler one. With the extremes in temperature we experience, we find that many of our customers opt for radiant or blow in insulation in Chicago and its surrounding cities.


Attic Insulation Winter and Summer

The main function of insulation is to minimize the radiation and convection effect of heat and minimize conduction. Blow in insulation and radiant insulation tackle the problems of heat transfer in different ways. Blow in insulation leverages the pockets of air within the insulation to slow the transfer of heat. In this way, the insulation works very similarly to a double pane glass window, where the trapped air between the panes makes very little contact with the glass and as a result transfers the heat much more slowly. This means that on hot summer days in Chicago the heat bearing down on the house from outside will hit a barrier that will slow its progress, and in cold winter days, the heat in the house will not escape as easily.

Radiant Insulation

Radiant insulation works in a very different manner by simply reflecting the heat energy back towards the source. Emergency medical blankets use this same principle in order to conserve heat. Attics that use radiant insulation typically leave much more room for other items, should you be using your attic for storage purposes.

Attic insulation can cause your home to stay warmer in cool weather and cooler in warm weather. Let us give you optimum attic insulation in your Chicagoland home. We offer Chicago blow in insulation deals that will help save them money, save maintenance on heating and AC units, and keep the house at just the right temperature.

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